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The Lewisville Triangle is a 0.4 square mile section of the city with 7 apartment complexes and 5,000 residents. The area has an abundance of mobility options, served by pubic transit and bounded on the east by I-35. As an upcoming area of the city it holds tremendous opportunity for grocers and dining establishments to set up profitable locations. There is no planned road work, making now a prime time for new development.

Lewisville Triangle Quick Facts:
  • 4,952 people / 1,011 families living in 0.4 square mile area
  • 0 easily accessible grocery options
  • Excellent mobility with DCTA train route and immediately off I-35
  • Federal CDBG funding available for mobility, walkability and safety improvements in the area

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Meals per day


Accessible grocery stores

Residents from any of the seven apartment complexes within the Lewisville Triangle have no good options to bring home dinner. To get to the nearest grocers they must drive to other areas (no walkable options exist due to I-35 and Hwy 121), or settle for corner stores and liquor stores. 

To illustrate this, we've laid out what stops it would require to prepare a simple taco dinner with the most basic ingredients:

CVS (0.5mi)
Tortillas: $4.39

QuikTrip (0.4mi)
Ground Beef: $8.79

Lewisville Liquor (0.3mi)
Limes: $1.39

3 Stops 
Total: $14.77

Beyond the inconvenience is the significantly higher cost of obtaining these foods in these types of locations. Food items constituting a relatively typical meal plan are as much as 11% higher in areas like the Lewisville Triangle, where grocery stores are not immediately accessible.

The market opportunity to enter this underserved community is substantial. 

The Lewisville Triangle area is a proven location for food and drink establishments with leading restaurant brands establishing profitable locations. 

The City of Lewisville is committed to improving the mobility, walkability and safety of the city and the Lewisville Triangle is the highest priority area of investment at this time. The City has succeeded in expanding its Community Development Block Grant funding, allowing for additional investments in infrastructure and walkways.

The Highway 121 corridor will be more pedestrian friendly. All city residents will be able to enjoy a public park within 10 minutes walk time from their residence, regardless of the neighborhood.

Explore the data below to learn about the Lewisville Triangle's residents, from demographics to workforce to consumer spending.






Median Household Income
City compared to Lewisville Triangle Area
Median Age
Poverty Rate
Rent as Percentage of Income
Top Tapestry Categories

Young and Restless

Tapestry Category 11B

Category Description: Well-educated young workers, some of whom are still completing their education, are employed in professional/technical occupations, as well as sales and office/administrative support roles. These residents are not established yet, but striving to get ahead and improve themselves. This market ranks in the top 5 for renters, movers, college enrollment, and labor force participation rate. Almost 1 in 5 residents move each year. More than half of all householders are under the age of 35, the majority living alone or in shared non-family dwellings. Smartphones are a way of life, and they use the Internet extensively. Young and Restless consumers are diverse, favoring densely populated neighborhoods in large metropolitan areas; over 50% are located in the South (almost a fifth in Texas), with the rest chiefly in the West and Midwest. 

Top Tier

Tapestry Category 1A

Category Description: The residents of the wealthiest Tapestry market, Top Tier, earn more than three times the US household income. They have the purchasing power to indulge any choice, but what do their hearts’ desire? Aside from the obvious expense for the upkeep of their lavish homes, consumers select upscale salons, spas, and fitness centers for their personal well-being and shop at high-end retailers for their personal effects. Whether short or long, domestic or foreign, their frequent vacations spare no expense. Residents fill their weekends and evenings with opera, classical music concerts, charity dinners, and shopping. These highly educated professionals have reached their corporate career goals. With an accumulated average net worth of over 3 million dollars and income from a strong investment portfolio, many of these older residents have moved into consulting roles or operate their own businesses.

Professional Pride

Tapestry Category 1B

Category Description: Professional Pride consumers are well-educated career professionals that have prospered through the Great Recession. To maintain their upscale suburban lifestyles, these goal oriented couples work, often commuting far and working long hours. However, their schedules are fine-tuned to meet the needs of their school age children. They are financially savvy; they invest wisely and benefit from interest and dividend income. So far, these established families have accumulated an average of 1.6 million dollars in net worth, and their annual household income runs at more than twice the US level. They take pride in their newer homes and spend valuable time and energy upgrading. Their homes are furnished with the latest in home trends,
including finished basements equipped with home gyms
and in-home theaters.